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Serene Audio Talisman Desktop Speaker Review

With so many desktop speakers on the market, consumers have ample combinations of sonic performances, visual designs, and price points, to choose from. Usually there are trade offs. Sonic performance normally takes the biggest hit. Rarely does a small desktop speaker capture the trifecta of great lo ...    Read More »

V-MODA Unveils FadersTM by Ear ArmorTM Hi-Fidelity Metal Earplugs to Protect Your Hearing

Los Angeles – December 1, 2011 - V-MODA, the maker of critically-acclaimed and award-winning headphones including Crossfade LP and Crossfade M-80, is thrilled to announce the availability of Faders tuned earplugs, the first of several protective offerings under Ear Armor, Inc. Constructed from to ...    Read More »


Advanced Sonic Technologies Derived from Marantz Flagship Reference Series; Special Features for Flexibility and Convenience with iPod®/iTunes® and Digital Music Mahwah, NJ, October 17, 2011 – Marantz America, a world leader of advanced home entertainment solutions, today set a new bar for the p ...    Read More »

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Old mission 700 vs new monitor audio BX2?

Hi all, I'm after some advice. I'm getting rid of some lovely Mission M73 floor standers. They don't match the new decor (so says the Missus). I'm after a Marantz MCR 602. Richer sounds are doing a deal with the Monitor Audio BX2s. However, my mate has said that he'll let me have a listen to his ol ... Read More »

Mission advice please

Hi, I have a set of 753s and have just bought a brand new, never used 77c centre. I am looking to buy some rears and have found a seller with a set of M7 ds. They look just the job for the wall behind my couch but the reviews I have read don't look great. I was thinking of using a set of 701s I ... Read More »

Dynaudio Contour 3.0 versus Mission 753

Hello, I have a pair of Missions 753 connected to a Nad C370 & Nad C272 (bi-amping). Herefore i only had the C370 and with the addition of the C272 i got more bass, depth and better soundimage. The advantage of the Missions is that i can put them almost against the wall (± 10 cm). Now i have th ... Read More »

Mission 707

Well everyone, I have settled on a new pair of speakers. New to me anyhow. This Thursday I will be picking up a super minty pair of Mission 707 w/ original stands for a cool $100. I had been hawking Klipsch really closely, especially after Mr. Peabody's success. The KG3 and KG4 were within my ... Read More »

Mission Speakers Model 764i

I saw a guy selling Mission tower speakers model 764i like new for $100! Is that a good deal or not? I can get the price down a lit bit when I call him for them!Read More »

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Mission Product Categories

Bookshelf Speakers

78DS Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 699.00
E52 Bookshelf Speakers - Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 350.00
M-CUBE Speaker System 0
0   Reviews
$ 995.00
M31 Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 375.00
M7C2 Center Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 420.00
Mission Elegante E80 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

Center Channels

M7C1 Center Speaker 4
1   Reviews
$ 100.00

Floorstanding Speakers

731 Pro 4.43
7   Reviews
$ 0.00
780 Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 499.00
elegante E 83 4
1   Reviews
$ 1500.00

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