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Mission Mission Elegante E80 Bookshelf Speakers 


E80 Bookshelf speaker.


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[Sep 29, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

I have owned these speakers for about 4 months and am using them with a Cambridge Audio 640r in an e80 5.1 configuration with the E8AS1 sub and various sources ranging from an Ipod, PS3, Cambridge 640c, and I have also listened to digital radio sources. I am using Chord Silver Screen speaker cable, and Tara labs interconnects which I will upgrade at some stage.
The construction of these speakers is very solid and when they are tapped with the knuckles they do not resonate like a normal box speaker ie, the vibration is very limited in its response and duration.
The sound is very clean with these speakers and with my combination of electronics has a natural character which has limited colouration compared to other box speakers I have heard. Transparency is very good but not to the level of planars I have owned which include electrostats, however these E80s are also half the price and my previous source equipment was more expensive and were separates, so this has to be taken into consideration.
Placement is important and in my room which is 21ft x 21 ft my best results are with them placed about 60cm from the back wall and about three metres apart with a toe in crossing over behind my head; this is with me sitting about 3.5metres back. These speakers produce a very large and open soundstage with very good sensation of depth and layering. Instruments and vocals are placed in their own spaces in a realistic manner with good recordings and bad recordings are shown for their shortcomings.
I feel these speakers sound best with Jazz, and simple orchestral works. More complex pieces and massed choirs lose some definition, but this could also have some bearing on my source equipment. Vocals are produced well and sound natural and detail and dynamics are more than sufficient.
Using these as part of the E80 5.1 system is a very immersive experience but this would be another review.
The E8AS1 sub blends seamlessly with the E80s to round out the bottom end.
All in all these speakers are very satisfying with the right 2 channel music and excell as part of the surround package.

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