Mission Volare 63 Floorstanding Speakers

Mission Volare 63 Floorstanding Speakers 


The tall, elegant EISA award winning v63 features twin 150mm Paramid drivers, flanking a 25mm microfibre dome treble unit, delivering maximum impact and excitement to both music and movies.

Highly efficient, the v63 makes the most of your audio equipment with an amplifier suitability of 25 - 150W, so that a pair of v63's are capable of an ear bending 115dBA peak output.

Enclosure Type 2-way Reflex
Frequency Response 3db 44Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity SPL/m/2.83V 89dB
Cross-Over Frequency 2.4kHz
Effective Volume 30 litres
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Amplifier power 25 - 150 W/Ch
Dimensions (HxWxD) 968 x 205 x 330(mm)
Finishes Beech, Black Ash or Cherry


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[Dec 01, 2006]
Carl Reid


Neutrality, Sounstage and Imaging... Oh and really good bass from a pair of dual 6.5's (once positioned correctly in the room)...

Beautiful finish and solid construction...


Needs good quality equipment to truly shine (though it's not really fair to call that a weakness)

I've owned a pair of Mission Volare 63s for two years now... and I've only just discovered what they are truly capable of... These are really excellent speakers....

The finish is first class (mine are Cherry) and the speakers are solid.... The sound can best be decribed as being Neutral.... Which has both pluses and negatives.... the negative is that 'bright' sounding speakers will sound better on some types of music.... but the positives outweigh that substantially.... simply put... these speakers will not make any music sound offensive (unless it is really badly recorded)....

So for me, despite the fact that I generally like a Bright sounding speaker, the Missions are the best choice for me because of the share variety of music that I listen to... They handle all songs in my collection competently and most of my favourite exceptionally well...

up untill a month ago I had them paired with a NAD C352 Integrated Amp. The NAD is a decent Amp, but no where near the quality of the Missions... So when I finally upgraded to Rotel Seperates (the RC1070 Pre andd 200 watt RB1080 AMP) I heard my music as I had never experienced it before... I finally really understand what soundstage and imaging meant... When listening to older recordings with real instruments like my Bob Marley albums, I could actually hear where Bob was standing in relation to the back ground singers and the instruments... It was an amazing revelation to finally know what my speakers are capable of...

I highly recommend these speakers for anyone who has a wide variety of music and values Neautral sound....

Note: They are rare speakers that are no longer in production and you may have a hard time finding a used pair... but if you can... you won't be dissapointed...

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