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Analog? So, that means tape decks too? (My Nakamichi RX-202 repair story)

I'm not going to argue the merits of cassettes or anything like that, but I do have fun with a tape deck from time to time, either making mixes for friends or parties or for a few stacks of new cassettes by some less mainstream artists I still pick up from time to time. I've been using a Denon dual ... Read More »

Nakamichi CD4 - Fix or Replace?

I have a Nakamichi CD4 that won't read discs. I have since purchased a simple Sony DVP-NC875V DVD/CD player. Never got to be able to do an A/B test between the systems. The question is: do I a) pay $75 to fix the CD4 and use the Sony just for DVDs? b) give the CD4 away on CraigsList and simply ... Read More »

Help with my Nakamichi TA-3A

Hello... I have a Nakamichi Receiver that has been a pride and joy for (wow) almost 20 years now. Granted, it's needed repairs more than once, but it's well worth it. So my latest problem is the tone control button seems to be broken such that it causes the volume in the whole system to fade in ... Read More »

Nakamichi 480

Picked up one of these today for $15. Not one of their TOL units and it is relatively recent since it dates from about 1980 but I think it is probably an upgrade over my NAD deck.Read More »

Old Nakamichi Collectors?

Going through my father's estate I came across a Nakamichi 550 (portable) cassette deck with a set of three microphones with original packaging. My dad used it for recording live music in the 70s and 80s. Is there anyone that collects these and would enjoy having it? I'll give it to them if they ... Read More »


Nakamichi Product Categories

CD Players

CDC-200 2.9
29   Reviews
$ 0.00
CDC-4A 5
2   Reviews
$ 1195.00

Home Theater in a Box

SoundSpace 8.5 Theater System 0
0   Reviews
$ 1200.00

Mini Systems

SoundSpace 9 5
1   Reviews
$ 3500.00

Tape Decks

BX-100 4.5
6   Reviews
$ 0.00
CR-7A 4.94
16   Reviews
$ 0.00

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