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Kenwood KA 92 B troubleshoot

Hi group , I am trying to repair a Kenwood KA92B amp. I have power, but when I hook up device I am not getting any readings at VU meter. Any help would be appreciated .Thanks.Read More »

Kenwood m a100

hey, i'am new here, and i got this little amp, i think its's a preamp, and Would it be possible to use as a normal amp? somthing like connecting to pc, or other devices with 3.5mm. audio jack. P.S sorry for my english [ATTACH=CONFIG]9184[/ATTACH]Read More »

Kenwood VS Harman/Kardon

Which is the better Surround Sound Receiver NO plans for an upgrade just want your opinions and see what you guys,girls would use Harman/Kardon AVR-55 (Dolby Digital) Kenwood 107VR (Dolby Prologic) Kenwood VR-309 Dolby Digital, Digital DTS Surround Yamaha RX-V363 The Yamaha is an Entry Level Receive ... Read More »

Vintage Kenwood DP-7050 CDP - keep it?

Hello all, New member - first post. Did some reading on the forum and it looks like some real knowledgeable people on here. Can I impose on you for an opinion? I have a Kenwood DP-7050 CD player. Purchased in Europe in ~1994, so 240-volt. Now back in North America, I plug it into a 240/120 ... Read More »

Kenwood KD-2000 Restoration

Got this table for standing up in my brothers wedding but it has a few issues. The audio cables were snipped and need to be replaced and the auto return function doesnt work. Here are some picture of my progress: I want to connect these to the table [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y54/summ ... Read More »


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KCA-iP101 iPod Connection Cable 0
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$ 30.00
KCA-iP300V Docking Station for iPod Video 0
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$ 30.00
KCA-iP301V iPod Video Direct Cable 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.00

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