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power amp for proac response d two

Hello guys , What power amp do you recommand for the proac response d 2. Currenly I have a rotel rmb1075 but I feel the proacs need a more refined amp. The preamp is a rotel RSP1069. What do you recommand?Read More »

ProAc D38 Speakers amp compatability

Hi, I have just purchased a set of ProAc D38 speakers, they even make my current Denon 735 65 watt amp, sound magic. I am looking to replace the Denon with something more in line with the Proac quality. Any suggestions as to a suitable amp to work with these spaekers would be appreciated. ... Read More »

ProAc speakers

Hi everyone, Just wanted to get feedback on ProAc speakers. I auditioned them (Studio series) yesterday and they sounded excellent. Any general feedback on ProAc's dependabiltiy, reputation, etc. would be helpful. It's not a speaker line that is talked about frequently. Thanks.Read More »

can primare i30 match proac d15

i like to buy a new primare i30 to match my proac d15 speaker,but my living room is about 700 sg feet,can primare have power to punch the bass? my cd player is marantz 6000 and cable is all siltech, now i match my proac is using amplifon tube valve wt30ii,but the sound i don`t like it,cause the valv ... Read More »

Please Add Proac D25 and D38 To Review Site

Hi. I'd like to see the following floorstanding speakers added to the site so people can write reviews: the new Proac D25 and D38 speakers. They are from an established company and are worthy of audiophile attention. These speakers have been out since 2003. Please include so interested parties ... Read More »


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