ProAc Studio 130 Floorstanding Speakers

ProAc Studio 130 Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 25hz to 30Khz
  • Sensitivity: 88.5db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
  • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) coated silk dome


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[Apr 21, 2006]


One of the best 3-4 speakers at the category up to 2500 mayby 3000 Euros. Quality parts and drivers, easy to drive, love classical music and jazz, piano. Rockers are very happy, too. They have stunning detail, fantastic liquidity and they reproduce (with associated equipment) piano like few speakers in this category can. Also I love acoustic guitars through proacs. They sound a lot bigger than they are (most speakers those days do).


The design of the speakers is simply 'nice'. Not the quick-as-a-spark bass, but they dig down to 30Hz for good. You cannot sell those speakers because they will be a part of your heart.

I Always loved the Proac Studio Sound for the really fantastic quality they offer. They may not be as fast in the low regions as other brands models like Totem speakers or Focal JM-Lab ,but they offer a totaly high-end sound, clean open midrange with fantastic detail and clarity, nice bass but not the fastest one for the money and exceptional good treble. To be honest, I will accept only one speaker as the next huge step into high-end audio: The Sonus Faber Cremona Floorstanding speaker I listened before some months, but It costs about 7000 Euro. The Proac will play simply well with the low-budget tube amps like Primalune Two (I owned one) but the bass lovers will be a bit sad. My last addiction is the combo of Blue Circle NSCS with the Studios. Both have the magic of tubes with the muscles of solid states plus the lovely high frequencies both are capable. Soundstage is very large, particually in the width and depth but not like Sonus Faber's height (you can feel a huge height listening organ music or choral, the Totem Mite excels in this area better than proac). Proacs offer top-class drum reproduction and voice plus a very-very good violin and stringed instr. reproduction with fantastic micro-dynamics and class A imaging. You cannot buy more for the price and remember, If you have to change a category you have to pay a lot more to jump to another realm (including new amps, cables, sources and the most importand : good AC). My combo is NSCS from Blue Circle ( I love this amp) , Musical Fidelity A5 CD, Proacs, Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables, Cardas Golden Reference RCA. I also own a Pathos Classic One ( I will keep this amp , the most realistic timbres and reproduction of violins,viola etc. but with lesser soundstage). I tried many products before and those above are top of the tops. I also tried Neutral Reference Interconnect by Cardas but they sounded harder in upper freqs. and slightly blur compared with Golden Reference that are my gold choice.

Similar Products Used:

I listened a lot to Vandersteen, Focal, Totem, Triangle etc. brands with models of the category of price of the Studio.

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