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I'm global

Spinning "Around The World" by Quincy Jones and his orchestra, in low light and slightly intoxicated conditions. [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2951765/100_5908.JPG[/img]Read More »

I'm On The Mexican Radio

Has anybody heard above song by Wall Of Voodoo. Excellent song :) [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyCEexG9xjw"]Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio - YouTube[/URL]Read More »

I'm Not Rappaport

What a delightfull film when two movie icons get together on a bench at Central Park and take on the world and its threats such as drug dealers, muggers, forced retirement, and old folk's home. Walter Matthau is a talker who take bigger bites than he can chew, while Ossie Davis is down to earth guy ... Read More »

Kenwood m a100

hey, i'am new here, and i got this little amp, i think its's a preamp, and Would it be possible to use as a normal amp? somthing like connecting to pc, or other devices with 3.5mm. audio jack. P.S sorry for my english [ATTACH=CONFIG]9184[/ATTACH]Read More »

Hi, I'm New and Need Help With My System

Hi, I have a basic 2-channel, budget system that I put together a few years ago. It has some very good components, but I don't think I'm getting the best sound out of it. Plus, there's next to no low end, unfortunately. It consists of: 2 Tannoy Eyris DC1 Bookshelf Speakers with Dual Concentric D ... Read More »


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Floorstanding Speakers

S-150THX 4.71
21   Reviews
$ 800.00


V-75 Mark II 4.84
38   Reviews
$ 625.00

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CSB 1206 BLK: