M&K 550-THX Floorstanding Speakers

M&K 550-THX Floorstanding Speakers 


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[Aug 14, 2000]
Drew Carey (Not the Comic)
Audio Enthusiast


Excellent Immaging, rich, sweet mids and highs


These speakers directly cause weight gain, due to extra hours glued to your couch.

First let me tell you what my system consists of:

Movie Room:
Onkyo txds 777 Reciever (THX Certified)
Onkyo DVC 600 DVD 6 disk changer
M&K LCR 750 THX Front L/R Speakers
M&K C 750 THX Center Channel Speaker
M&K M 550 THX Rear Channel Speakers
MX 105 THX Badass Subwolfer
Monster Cable

M&K M 550 THX Stereo Speakers
VX-100 sub Tiny Powerhouse Sub

At this date and time, The system in my movie room is the cheepest Completely THX certified system on the market, and let me tell you - it sounds absolutely fabulous. I also have a pair of M 550 in my bedroom just for stereo sound (My reciever has two room capabilities) and this review particularly pertains to those speakers. Although they do sound great as rear surrounds, their abilities are really put to the test when they stand alone. They sound a lot like the 750 THX speakers. They use the exact same drivers, except the 750 has two midrange drivers instead of one. These speakers have incredible immaging and extremely smooth sound. The strength of the speaker is in its highs. It uses the exact same tweeter as M&K's $2800 refrence speakers. Compared to the 750 tHX speakers they do not get extremely loud with as much grace, but what do you expect from a little two way satelite? Compared to any other speaker its size, these speakers are hands down the clearest and sharpest that I have ever experienced. One word of caution: These speakers need to be complimented by an external subwolfer. They were not designed to produce a lot of low frequency sound. They specialize in the mids and highs and do it well. I have the little VX-100 sub. It is a tiny powerhouse that is very comparible to quality 12" subs. If you are looking for a space saving sub I also recommend the MX-700. This is similar to the VX-100, but it has two drivers instead of just one. My VX-100 with the M-550 satilites is Ideal for people with a small room who still want great sound. The speakers seem to disapear, and the music seems to come from musicians located in my room. Don't just take my word for it- go to Circuit City and Best Buy. Buy some polks, Infinities, and JBLs, bring them all home and compare them in your home. These little $250 satellites (with the aid of a sub) sound noticibly better than all of those speakers. Before I bought my movieroom system I had the polk 1000p fronts with the rest of the polk system. I got these little speakers for my bedroom, and thought they sounded clearer than the $2000 system in my movieroom, so I returned the polks and got the entire M&K system. I Could not be happier. I HIGHLY recommend all of the components listed above. For this price, I have never heard anything comparable.

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