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SVS Ultra Speakers

I was cruising around the internet today and on one of the audio websites I seen an add from SVS audio that talked about their new Ultra flagship speakers. They are a tower speaker which has a wtw type of array with 2 6.5" midranges and what looks to be a 1" or 11/8" tweeter and also has duel 8" woo ... Read More »

(2) SVS PC12-NSB v. (1) PC12-PLUS

Just curious which would be "better" (2) SVS PC12-NSB (approx $1050) or (1) PC12-PLUS (approx $1000) Current system: Paradigm Reference Studio 100s V2 (& their CC Center and polk audio surround) Onkyo TX-797 Receiver Behring BFD (waiting for a sub....) Room 11x14x7.5 Music 50% HT 50% ... Read More »

Another BFD story - SVS PB13 Ultra

I remain convinced the Behringer Feedback Destroyer is the single biggest bang-for-the-buck investment that any system with a subwoofer (music or home theater oriented) can enjoy. I convinced a friend to buy a Behringer Feedback Destroyer to go along with the subwoofer he's had for a few months now ... Read More »

Need Subwoofer advice...SVS,Minivee or Paradigm

Anybody have a recommendation on a subwoofer??? I recently bought an older NHT system (VT1.4 fronts, superone surrounds & VS-2A center channel in case it matters) from a guy on craigslist that sounds good and has a Paradigm PS-1000 subwoofer. I just purchased a Velodyne Minivee 10 online for $375 ... Read More »

Any experience with SVS?

I've been looking at subs. I'll eventually get my Velodyne fixed but it doesn't appear this is going to be as easy as I thought. But this isn't about that. Sub placement is difficult in my room because the front wall, including corners, are pretty much taken up. I was thinking a SVS cylinder m ... Read More »


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25-31PC-Plus 4.92
12   Reviews
$ 775.00
PB-13 Ultra 5
3   Reviews
$ 1599.00

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