SVS Model 25-31CS-Plus Subwoofers

Model 25-31CS-Plus

Power handling, 500 watts RMS. 4 Ohm load. 25 Hz tuning point +/- 3 dB 20 Hz-100 Hz 31" tall, 16" in diameter

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John B   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 28, 2002]

clean and POWERFULL!!!! no boomieness Will move some serious air!! Did I say POWERFULL yet?


None that I know of. I like the cylynder style.

I have dual 25-31CS+'s fueled buy the Samson 1000 watt amp. I ordered the smaller 25-31's because they would hide behind the couch. When I say small I only mean in size comaprison to the others, because these things ROCK HARD! After setting them up and putting some tunes through them they sounded crisper, cleaner and faster than my PW-2200 ever did. This was without calliabration. Once callibrated they were seemless and very clean, powerful but not overbearing for music. These sub will do just what you want them to do with a little set up time. Now, where they really blew me away was for HT. I hit 112db at my watching chair during the Neo and Morpheous fight scene when old Morph knocked Neo down the first time. The knee through the floor was even stronger! My old sub just vibrated the couch some, these things make it dance! You feel it in your bones! I can't wait to put in the tuning plugs to knock my tune down a couple of HZ to see just how low they will go. In a decent size room with plenty of power the 25-31 does go lower than 25 HZ. The AVIA disk frequency sweeps had things vibrating well below 25 HZ. I am very pleased with these subs. Quality appears to be excellent and their customer service and responce time is world class! Best bang for the buck in my opinion.

Similar Products Used: Paradigm PW-2200, Velodyne CHT-10, Klipsch KSW-12, and an old Klipsch SW-8, Auditioned, RSW-12 and 15, SVS 16-46 CS+'s
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