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Speakers for Roksan Kandy

Hi All, I'm putting together a Roksan Kandy settup second hand and would be interested to know any recomendation for speakers to go with it - £500-£1000 should be about right for budget. On a side note, I've purchased a 2-3 year old Kandy cd player, working in good condition but was slightly s ... Read More »

What do you think of the roksan kandy mk3 intergrated amp.

I have a roksan kandy mk3 intergrated amp patnerd with linn keilidh speaker in passive bi-wire connection of course. The linns sound RIGHT ON:cornut: with the roksan belive it or not. Very detaild, fast and puchy:7: . It also has a nice bright sound but nor HARSH that gives you the sour face look. ... Read More »

Roksan Kandy III DVD Player

To whome it my concern, I strongly recommend not to buy the Roksan Kandy III DVD Player. I have had two in only two weeks and am back to my Chinese one. The Roksan costs about 500 US here in Singapore. When I got it the first one didn't work at all. The second one was a display unit (had to pay f ... Read More »

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Caspian 4.36
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$ 1500.00

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