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New MIT Speaker Cables Arrived

On Friday my new MIT AVT1 speaker cables arrived. These are some serious cables. You don't just drop these behind your gear and not worry about where they land. These really call for being placed carefully behind your cabinet. They say to give them what is called the 2/2 burn in. In two days they'll ... Read More »

MIT cables vs Zip Cord

Here's an interesting thread by Frank Van Alstine about a blind test comparing $1500 cables to plain old 16g zip cord. Scroll down the page. [url]http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=60159.20[/url]Read More »

question about MIT cables

I'm about to purchase a MIT Shotgun AC1 power cord for $550.00 should I go for the best and settle for the Shotgun AC2 power cord which is double the cost at 1000.00 . Has anyone know if the additional network box is worth a extra 500.00 bucks?Read More »

Mystery of boxes on MIT/Transparent cables solved.

Apparently a fellow named Heaviside established a method of balancing effects of cable's capacitance with effects of its inductance (I am assuming he did it mathematically). This is called Heaviside’s Condition. Cables in which the ratio of conductance to capacitance equals the ratio of resistan ... Read More »

How are MIT speaker cables supposed to work?

What is in those boxes? I have heard all the cable arguments and I am an objectivist. I admit anything that a DBT devotee wants to claim. I admit that I'm altering the sound from the true definition of "hi fi" and I've made peace with God about that. I expect that whatever MIT does, it is " ... Read More »

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