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International CES, Las Vegas, January 10th, 2012, Venetian Tower, Suites 30-235 and 30-236….. Meridian Audio has announced the introduction of its all-new M6 loudspeaker, an inspired approach to contemporary design from Meridian, which manifest the company’s original design ethos of creating the bes ...    Read More »

Meridian Lends Its Support for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 13, 2010—New York, NY— Meridian will lend its support to long time dealer, Marutani Consulting for this weekend’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, being held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel on October 15-17, 2010. A representative for Meridian will be demonstrating the Meridian Sooloos D ...    Read More »

Meridian Control 10: Home Audio/Video Control Center

Meridian has created a $5000 touchscreen home media control center.  I ran across the release on avrev.com and was pulled in by the price tag only to find more entertainment on the left side of this image.  Oh my. Wait, which way to look?  What are they showing off? A touch screen or sex? Well, neve ...    Read More »

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To Meridian fellas.

I just bought a Meridian 562v, not a version.2, and it's on my way. Q, will this unit work with my non-Meridian cdp and amp as a varible volume preamp? or, on other word, can I use it as a preamp (with varible volume control) to mate with my non-Meridian cdp and power amp? Seller couldn't answer ... Read More »

meridian amps

Hi, my meridian amp keeps shorting out. does not go to standby mode, burns fuse within 20 seconds, any ideas on what could be happening?Read More »

Power amp Meridian for bi-amping

I have integrated amp [B]Meridian 551[/B]. Which power amp Meridian I can use for bi-amping?Read More »

Meridian 508-24

Hi- newbie here. I'm looking to replace my Rega Planet CD player as it's acting up. I have a friend who knows a friend w/ a pristine Meridian 508-24 CD player that wants to sell it. Has box, manual & remote. I know it's many years old & wonder if it is a good unit? Retail was about $3500 when new ... Read More »

Meridian G07 cd player

Please add the Meridian G07 cd player to your website,their site is:[url]www.meridian.co.uk[/url]Read More »

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