Meridian 559 Amplifiers

Meridian 559 Amplifiers 


  • High-mass 1.2kVA transformers
  • Single-ended inputs
  • Design emphasizes ultra-low
  • Zero output impedance
  • 16-amp output devices
  • Dynamic bias system


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[Oct 24, 2011]

559 from Meridian deserves special merit. In a day where amplifier technology is evolving constantly somehow or another Meridian placed a foundation of sorts for others to follow. The build quality is not readily found in this price range nowadays retail nor is its performance. The raw power of this amp and sheer effortlessness of its performances at times seems endless in its conveyance powers for musical rewards via what ever median you actualize this realization with. Analog is always my first choice simply because most of the time it does not sound electronic. Not always. A tube here or there can help as can a great preamp to go along with just a modest turntable. All hooked up to cables that truly do what they are entitled, synergistic research. These cables do research while they are playing,ky They top off my systme in flying colors. They work especially well when the whole system is using them. One less variable right and with Synergistic Research cables they truly do build upon each other in a system. Kinda of amazing really. It can get pretty expensive ultimately but duly rationalized, still with a roof over your head, thus to listen to the music all and all, a virtual no brainer. With certain speaker in particular much can be capitalized by listening to ALL SR cables and then whatever speakers you want but say Revel speakers sound amazing with SR cables. All SR cables. Remember ONE less variable is likely better.
Lastly, power, vibration control and room acoustics. Three important parts that are the most overlooked and causing a shortchanging of what you bought in the first place. Completing the loop is extremely important. This is why dealers exist, so you don't waste money on horrid sound, blah blah blah. Part of the learing experience it would seem for most audiophiles. Its all hard any way you look at it. The sound in the store will sound different in your house without question. AND if you do have that 11K preamp in your system like they did you might get lucky and it'll smoke out of the gate but don't count on it.
Back to the amp, Meridian's forte as far as I am concerned. This is where they started and I wish they'd a stayed because if it had been their amps would likely be the best amps in the world but there not all because of digits. Digits go in the way of sonic perfection that was, is or never will be possible with digital without the ability to throw a different cap in there when the need pops up and a speaker in the mix says " I don't like that"
this is where it is for few people.

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