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Michael   [Jul 17, 1999]

Associated components were the Top-of-the-Line Toshiba and Panasonic 36in Tube Televisions(Toshiba-Cinema Series; Panasonic-Superflat); Denon DVD 5000; PSB Stratus Theater(Gold i-front; Silver i-rear) JM Lab Mini-Utopia(2 channel only); YBA and Proceed Amplification, Processors; Audiotruth and Cinemaquest cabling. Simply put, the Meridian looked more like film on every DVD, compared to the Denon. Had a richer, more satisfying image. I wouldn't spend $1500 on the video difference alone though(I am not THAT into video yet). The bigger difference was in the CDs. The Meridian is almost worth its price in this area alone. I have never heard a better CD player(I'm not dumb enough to go listen to the 508.24; I can't afford it). {Yes, I realize I listened to a $4000 DVD player, but I was with a friend and didn't even think we were going to listen to CDs} The Meridian had an unbelievably full and detailed presentation. Huge soundstage depth and width, almost laser-like placement of instruments, voice, and atmospheric sounds. This unit paints a huge picture. BTW: Someone at the demo said the 586.20 features the best transport Meridian has ever built. A lot of dough, but the consensus in the room, including myself, was that this is the reference product of this format.

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