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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 - Jumping Cactus, HIFIMan, Headroom, CEntrance

As I was walking down the 4th floor hall a name caught my attention.  Jumping Cactus Loudspeakers.  Really? WOW, that is an interesting name, lets go check this out.  I walked in and knew I was some where special, it had to be, I was the only one there! (above image not from RMAF - mine was too da ...    Read More »

Ivy Burford as HeadRoom's New CEO

HeadRoom is pleased to announce the appointment of Ivy Burford as HeadRoom’s new CEO. A perfect in-house candidate for the job, Ivy is a 14-year veteran of the headphone industry, joining HeadRoom in 1997 and serving as HeadRoom’s Marketing Director since 1999. Over the years Ivy has worked on many ...    Read More »

HeadRoom Launches New Website at Headphone.com

HeadRoom is excited to announce the launch of an entirely new website at www.headphone.com. Both experienced audiophiles and those new to personal listening will love the addition of many new products and categories, even more expert information about choosing the best personal audio equipment avail ...    Read More »

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Your fav book to learn about audio, Dbs, Headroom, Output, Sensitivity

[B]I am a newbie as you can tell by all my other questions. What is your favorite book for learning about audio principals? I noticed many expensive $100+ books online for audio engineering and advanced topics. I want to find a nice clear and simple book(s) that explain about high end audio and ... Read More »

HeadRoom and Ultimate Ears Team Up for the Ultimate Sanctuary Contest!

From a Headroom Press Release, Thought I'd share the contest with Y'all.. [QUOTE][B]HeadRoom and Ultimate Ears Team Up for the Ultimate Sanctuary Contest! [/B] Tell us about your "sanctuary" with headphones, and you win a $500 headphone system! When you listen to headphones, does it send shivers do ... Read More »

Headroom Total Bithead Headphone Amp/ DAC initial impressions.

Okay so I purchassed this unit and it arrived today. This is a headphone amp with a USB slot that bypasses your computers noise inducing crud. As I am leaving for South Korea for a year I am loading all my cds onto an external Samsung 250 gig hard drive in Lossless format. This Total Bithead ... Read More »

New Review - Headroom Total Bithead and Sennheiser HD-497 Headphones

Check it out guys, another review. I've been using this combo for about eight months now at work, and I love it. Great sound at the office for listening to internet radio and anything else. I had to share because I know there are a lot of cube monkeys like me out there. [url]http://www.audiorev ... Read More »

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