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Your fav book to learn about audio, Dbs, Headroom, Output, Sensitivity

[B]I am a newbie as you can tell by all my other questions. What is your favorite book for learning about audio principals? I noticed many expensive $100+ books online for audio engineering and advanced topics. I want to find a nice clear and simple book(s) that explain about high end audio and ... Read More »

HeadRoom and Ultimate Ears Team Up for the Ultimate Sanctuary Contest!

From a Headroom Press Release, Thought I'd share the contest with Y'all.. [QUOTE][B]HeadRoom and Ultimate Ears Team Up for the Ultimate Sanctuary Contest! [/B] Tell us about your "sanctuary" with headphones, and you win a $500 headphone system! When you listen to headphones, does it send shivers do ... Read More »

Headroom Total Bithead Headphone Amp/ DAC initial impressions.

Okay so I purchassed this unit and it arrived today. This is a headphone amp with a USB slot that bypasses your computers noise inducing crud. As I am leaving for South Korea for a year I am loading all my cds onto an external Samsung 250 gig hard drive in Lossless format. This Total Bithead ... Read More »

New Review - Headroom Total Bithead and Sennheiser HD-497 Headphones

Check it out guys, another review. I've been using this combo for about eight months now at work, and I love it. Great sound at the office for listening to internet radio and anything else. I had to share because I know there are a lot of cube monkeys like me out there. [url]http://www.audiorev ... Read More »


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