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[Jan 05, 1999]
Joe Horne
an Audio Enthusiast

Bought the "Little" headphone amp to go along with my Sennhieser HD580's. There was detectable improvement over my CD player headphone jack but
the sound was slighlty veiled. Invested additional bucks to upgrade the amp
to "Little More Power" option. Eliminates the wall wart that comes with the
base unit with a separate power supply. Sound remarkably improved more
open and musical. Enjoying headphones much more these days.

[Jun 23, 1999]
john airey
a Casual Listener

I have the headroom little more power and sennheiser 580's for use at work.
lots of hours are spent listening to this combo, but if I'm thinking pretty hard, I don't really pay attention to the music, it's just a way to get into that thinking groove and avoid distractions.

For the last eight years, I've played led zeppelin from a 1990-vintage technics
portable into some cheap sony headphones. yeah, they were muddy, mushy, and murky, but they weren't really disagreeable in any way. Okay for the way I was using them.

Anyway, the sound to my non-audiophile ears of the new combo is pretty amazing.
I should have done this years ago (but I was turned off by the anal nature of the whole audiophile trip).

The headphones are >90% of the battle, but the amp and the audio processor that
comes with it are noticeable improvements even for me, although I can listen
without the processer and not get too fatigued for most recordings. But is the amp worth 450 bucks? As a computer professional in a dual income family, I can afford it, but if I was on any kind of budget, I'd think I'd have to be a pretty serious audiophile to spend that kind of cash (I'm normally pretty careful with the cash)

I did take the headphones and amp and the $90 dimarzio interconnects they sell
and go audition some $300-$700 CD changers, the adcom 700, the nakamichi mb-10, the nad 515 and the sony 70ES (mega changer). Hey, you know, in for a penny,
in for a pound. Surprisingly, even this casual listener can tell the difference pretty easily between these quality cd players. So the amp and the headphones let you hear the source just fine. (For the curious, I preferred the nad 515 myself, but they were all 'good' and way way more detailed than my agreeable but overmatched technics portable)

So 5 stars for how it sounds and for the coolness of the company that makes
'em, but if you are on a budget, just get the headphones first and only when you can't stand your headphone jack anymore, get the amp.

[Aug 26, 2001]
Mario Mejia
Audio Enthusiast


Excellent sound, handy size, even with the extra power supply.....You can move with it around the house......


Lack of a gain level switch...... If you use high impedance headphones and a discman.....you'll have a hard time driving them with enough power.....

I just got my Little More Power (B stock) from Headroom, I've been testing it for 20 hours, trying different kinds of music with my Panasonic Discman SL-SW870, the Straightwire mini to RCA cable and my Grados SR325. I could only compare it with my beloved Total Airhead, and even though I always believed that I was not going to be able to appreciate any audible difference due the efficiency of my Grados, I can tell you that I was so wrong.

First of all this mint condition amp, including a power supply (with Toroidal transformer) which is twice!! the size of the amp!!! has a beautiful aluminium enclosure that gives you the feel of a classy amp.......not the cheap plastic box that I was getting used to......
The Straightwire mini to RCA cable even though feels a little rigid looks nice and feels great too.

I starting listening some latin progressive rock, then hard rock and contemporary jazz.... and what stroke me the most was that I had to turn the potenciometer (7PM TO 5AM) to 2AM to listen a good volume, and I don't really enjoy it too loud....... it seems that the amp's input is a little low because a lot of people love to use home cd player instead portable ones..... and I thought, wow it will start to distort......but no way.....I think this is one of the reasons the More Supply is worth (It supplies +-15volts directly with NO internal converters.......... you can turn the volume all the way up, and even though is TOO LOUD!!! it won't distort......like regular amps with regular power supplies. And now it comes the question......Is it possible to drive a 300 ohms headphones like Sennheiser 580-600 NICELY with the Little More Power amp using a DISCMAN as the source? I don't think so...... unless you have a gain switch ( the new amps have it).....IMHO

Do you want to know where is the difference between the TA and Little MP? well.... here it is !!! . The bass goes deeper and deeper tha really makes you shake your teeth....its clarity is outstanding and the soundstage expands a bit, even with the efficient Grados.........the refined highs are as smooth as the TA's..........and the HIGH PASS filter is just painful!!!! I don't really think that someone with Grados is EVER going to turn it ON!!!......That's why most of the new Headroom amps have three High pass filter settings....... I mean the only music that I enjoyed with this filter on was acoustic guitar music and some classical.....of course, WITH NO cymbals at all . The mids make you feel that you have an internal center speaker, they are sweet an defined, I just love them.

A very special mention to the Headroom Crosfeed filter, I just can't live without it, it works amazingly adding a little mid bass boost to the music plus the known effect that makes you listen the music from your brain, not the headphones.

I haven't really found any reviews of this excellent amp, and believe me, it's sad because it's great and it's built for a great company with an unsurpassable consumer service......they did EVERYTHING, the UNTHINKABLE to send me this amp to my homeland Colombia, and they'll never know how much I appreciate it.

What else can I tell you?, get it while you can, It's not expensive and I agree with Headroom, "For the money, you can't go wrong with this combination" .
pd. Sorry for my english.......

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