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drarthurwells   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 17, 2005]

Clean, detailed, open.


Power is fine, but sometimes wish for more volume body.

I bought this used and have used it for years without any problem. Very clean, low noise, open, detailed, good imaging. Used with Etymotic 4S, top of line Grado, Sony MDR earbuds 70 and 71 models. Drives the less efficient ETYs just fine. Use in a car with DC adapter for great car audio - the ETYs block out much road and car noise. Ilegal but never been a problem - I drive visually anyway. Also use at home with AC adapter. Source is iRiver IMP 400 and 350 models for great CD sound. Has a process switch to create ambient hall effects but this blurs imaging so I do not use it. Has a filter that gives treble boost when switched on (why it is called a filter and not a boost is beyond me). I use this except when using iRiver CD player treble boost (I like the jazz equalization on the iRiver, which boosts treble and gives a mild boost to bass). Sometimes wish for slightly more volume body but this requires a power supply upgrade which is available for home use. With the ETYs and the iRiver, I get great results.

Similar Products Used: Hafler DH310 which is a nice pre-amp that is useful as a headphone amp also.
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