HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp Headphone Amplifiers

HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp Headphone Amplifiers 


Perfected & beautifully refined over five generations, the Portable Desktop is like having a high-end listening room in your briefcase.

There's just no way to achieve the superb transparency, the rich musical detail resolution, or the deeply immersive soundstaging on regular headphones compared to what's possible on balanced-drive headphone systems. Balanced amplifiers & balanced XLR headphone cabling will deliver the most revealing and accurate headphone sound available with a precise expressiveness of tone, pitch-black sonic backgrounds, and a vast, lightning-quick dynamic range that simply defines reference listening in its most pure form. Suddenly, subtle nuances in recordings you've heard a million times before become newly evident and thrillingly vivid, creating an intimate emotional re-connection to all your favorite music. So we've spent some long hours in the HeadRoom lab working hard to condense the cutting-edge technology & the impressive sonic gains of balanced-drive into our little 'Desktop Amp' chassis. The small 6"X6" footprint easily sits in a tiny nook on your workstation, nightstand, or audio rack. And, oh yeah, we were also able to nicely shrink the pricepoint so more listeners can experience the sound quality typically heard in a $20,000 speaker-based stereo for well under a couple of grand

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