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Hafler DH-100 upgrade

Very recently I notice a Hafler DH-100 preamp for sale here in Canada on eBay; since I had no back up preamp, I decided to bid for it. At the same time I knew that I could by an upgrade kit from another eBay seller. Once I'd got the preamp home and it tested OK, I ordered the upgrade kit from ray177 ... Read More »

Those Familiar With Hafler

I've always heard how good people thought Hafler amps were but I've never heard one. I'm curious just how good are they? Would it be comparible to Adcom perhaps, or better? David ever go on to do anything else?Read More »

The Battle at Hafler Ridge

If a bloody battle began between a Hafler DH-100 and a DH-101, which side would stand victorious? Please have a look at this link and discuss...[url]http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/160131-hafler_preamps_amp_and_matching_tuner_plus_adcom_amp_all_working/[/url] [IMG]http://www.south-afric ... Read More »

Hafler help

Just getting back into listening to my vinyl. I am running a Rega P2 thru a Hafler D200 amp and DH101 preamp with sound out JBL L-100 speakers. I am wondering if it is possible to hook my powered Klipsch sub woofer into this system. Any thoughts? M BeighRead More »

Hafler DH200

After listening to a Hafler amp a few months ago, I made it my mission to get my hands on one, and sure enough, yesterday on epay, there it was, it was had for $144. I've done some research on David Hafler, and his stuff is always positively reviewed. Also it being made in the US of A is also gre ... Read More »


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P1500 Transnova 4.33
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P7000 Power Amplifier 4.33
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