Hafler TRM8 Floorstanding Speakers


active monitor

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Rick   Audiophile [Jan 23, 2000]

A frighteningly revealing closefield monitor


Costly, but lets you hear "Life" in the mix

These are not speakers for the home. I bought a pair while selling pro-recording gear (to LL Cool J among others) in New York City. They have the kind of clarity you expect from a wall of JBL professional concert speakers. Like hearing headphone up-close sound that reveals EVERYTHING that is going on with no time off to catch your breath. They resemble standard bookshelf speakers yet have a couple hundred watts of bi-amped Hafler amplification packed inside each cab. The backs have XLR and coax ins only. As boxes they are extremely heavy with machine-like build quality and no speaker grills. They could easily make a small listening room burn your socks off if that is how you relax to music. I prefer to keep them chained up in the studio so that they don't bite anyone. My home system is much softer. These are not nice gentle speakers for audiophiles. Around $2,000.

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