Hafler VRM15S Subwoofers

Hafler VRM15S Subwoofers 


The largest and most powerful of Hafler's subwoofers, the VRM15s couples our 200 watt Class-G amplifier with a 15"" down firing monster woofer. Adjustable input level and 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover allow the VRM15s to blend with any surround system. This subwoofer delivers incredible details and dynamics, at unheard of value.


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[May 23, 2002]
Audio Enthusiast


Solid cabinet, large voice-coil with aluminum former, rubber-not foam speaker surround, Made In USA quality, and finally a real Hafler amp driving it.


Will boom if turned up to high (do any not?), Vinyl over MDF ain't exactly the look that makes you drool, Chessey speaker connections for speaker level installations.

I was drawn to this because I admire Hafler and own 3 Hafler amplifiers. I am not disappointed when a quality product like this that is made in the USA is priced so reasonable and works well too. The speaker is built extra well at the price range it competes in. The cabinet is a chunk. If is was covered in wood veneer it would probably qualify as a nice end table, but at this price vinyl is de riguer. The sound is surprisingly good when you consider the price. It does get down pretty low and while it is not the last word in super tight bass it's definitely good enough that with a carefully tweaked set-up it will work with both music and movies. I never made it cry uncle. It was sounding so ridiculous before it lost it's grip that under any reasonable scenario it will be sufficient. For the money this has to be one of the best sub values around. I heard it originally came out at something like $750 or thereabouts. Actually I think it performs about like a $800 subwoofer so if you get it for a fair bit less than that who is to complain? I'd recommend this sub as a high quality value leader.

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