fluance or energy 5.0 with polk sub

I really like the looks of the fluance but I know in the future I will have to get a sub. I read great reviews on the energy 5.0. Both systems will end up costing about the same. Any input into a decision would be great. thanks in advanceRead More »

Any experience with Fluance?

A friend of mine, a poor friend, could use some speakers for his modest HT set up. I was looking at the Paradigm Atom and recommended center and surrounds but this may even be more than what he can do. I was checking out the Fluance speakers and they are crazy low priced, almost too good to be tru ... Read More »

Fluance or Polk or Paradigm speakers

I am also in the market looking to upgrade my speakers I was looking around for reasonable speakers and reading the reviews, any thoughts about Fluance or Polk or Paradigm.Read More »


Hey, Anyone have any comments on the Fluance AV-HTB+ system? I'm a newbie (just bought a Yamaha HTR 5560 off craigslist for $80!) and need to get surround speakers. The price is tempting! Also, any suggestions on a subwoofer to accompany them? Thanks, LawmanRead More »

Upgrading My System. Fluance?

Hello I have my current AV System: Harman Kardon AVR235 7.1 Receiver JBL Venue Monitors (Fronts) ProScan Sides and Rears (Uhh!) Harman Kardon DVD27 DVD Player and I want to upgrade it (This is my Christmas Gift). I first wanted to go with Infinity or JBL towers (because as you can see in my profi ... Read More »


Fluance Product Categories

Bookshelf Speakers

SV-8 5
1   Reviews
$ 200.00
SX-6 4.86
7   Reviews
$ 119.00

Center Channels

MV670C 5
1   Reviews
$ 69.00

Floorstanding Speakers

AV-4 0
0   Reviews
$ 219.00
AV-5 4
2   Reviews
$ 269.00
AV-938 4.53
18   Reviews
$ 269.00
AV-F3 5
3   Reviews
$ 149.00
MV670F 0
0   Reviews
$ 164.00
SI-6 5
1   Reviews
$ 299.00
SM645F 0
0   Reviews
$ 289.00

Home Theater Speaker Systems

AV-HTB 4.64
36   Reviews
$ 199.00
SX-HTB+ 4.47
43   Reviews
$ 299.00


DB-200 5
0   Reviews
$ 249.00

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