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Miley Cyrus not as dumb as everyone thinks

Lots of bru ha ha over something she said that is not only smart, but logical and truthful. She is getting all kinds of flack, from Religious nuts as usual for saying this ""You are all stardust. You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded... So forget Jesus. Stars died so you could live." " ... Read More »

Cyrus DAD 1.5

Great cd player, mint condition. 320$ you can email me for pictures : [email]igorkoprivsek@email.si[/email]Read More »

thorens 160 mkII & Mission Cyrus Two...speaker advice?

I recently acquired a Thorens TT and second generation Cyrus Two. Looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers in the $300-$400 range that would match up well with them. I'm leaning towards a set of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s. Any advice for somebody who likes overall neutral sound with a taste in gener ... Read More »

Are you familiar with Cyrus?

I auditioned some equipment yesterday and took a liking to a particular pair of bookshelf speakers made by Cyrus, the Cyrus CLS 50. I am having a hard time finding reviews or consumer reports on both the company and the speaker model. I was hoping someone was familar with one of the two and could ... Read More »

Help! Are you familiar with the Cyrus CLS 50?

Yesterday I went to Dallas Audio Concepts to audition a few components. Specifically the NAD C320BEE, NAD C352, NAD C372, Rotel RA-02, NAD C521BEE, NAD C542, Rotel RCD-02, Paradigm Legend, Paradigm Monitor 11 v2, Paradigm Monitor 90P v2, Paradigm Studio 20 v3, and the Paradigm Studio 40 v3. I wa ... Read More »


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