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wilson audio duette

Anybody heard these yet. I'm looking for monitors to replace some floostanders without giving up much in the way of dynamics. My Meadowlark Ospreys are too large for the room. If not the Wilsons, any other suggestions.Read More »

Buying wilson audio in the USA ?

Hi, i`m from Germany and thinking about buying a pair of wilson audio (sophia or an older watt/puppy) in the US. Transport to germany is not much of a problem. I`m looking for a new or used pair, depending on the price. As i don`t have much of an idea where to look for these speakers i though ... Read More »


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Bookshelf Speakers

Duette 0
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Center Channels

Mezzo 0
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Floorstanding Speakers

Alexandria X-2 Series II 0
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$ 158000.00
1   Reviews
$ 27000.00

Inwall Speakers

Watch 0
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Thors Hammer 0
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