Wilson Audio Cub II Floorstanding Speakers

Wilson Audio Cub II Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Frequency Response: 45Hz to 22kHz
  • Sensistivity: 94 dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms


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[Jan 26, 2006]


Transparent, Dynamic, Musical and very very detailed. Looks fantastic


For a monitor speaker it still takes a lot of space. Because they are as deep as a WP6 and need also space they take the same space. With subwoofer even more. But it looks smaller.

Well so many people say the Cub is to bright. I have the cub2 now and it is definately not to bright. It is one of the best sounding speakers I ever had. The cub is very very good on female voices. I also have a Watt / Puppy 6 and the cub shows more details. For musicality it is identical to the WP6. The only thing the Cub2 can not do is deep and powerful bass. You can try a sub from Revel (B15) or Rel or Wilson Watch dog. For sensitivity the speaker is easy to drive. But you need top class equipment to realy make them sing. Top sets of Krell or Mark Levinson are a good match to this speaker. The speaker is so revealing that all errors in the set will show off. Do not try this speaker if you are not willing to spent another 10 k US$ in electronics. However if you have top class electronics there is hardly any better speaker for the money. I have had B&W Nautilus 802, Sonus Faber and many other top speakers. No speaker comes close except more expensive Wilson speakers. The WP6 still beats it but at a much higher price. The Cub2 can be bought at 5000 euro (used) and a good sub will cost another 2000 euro. But then they play better than a Puppy 5.1. Do not try to use other stands than the Wilson stands. The Wilson stands do influence the 3D effect. Also it looks much better with the Wilson stands. Not cheap but a must. They are not cheap but the finish and sound quality is fantastic. Therefore only 4 for value (hey we are still talking about 11000 euro for a monitor speaker).

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