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A choice of hifi under 1000$, Triangle, Infinity, Monitor Audio, Arcam

Greetings all! This is my first post ^^ Im about to upgrade my whole hifi. I have not much possibilities to listen to various hifis but i trust reviews and opinions when i read a lot. I managed to get in the direction to get Monitor Audio RS1 speakers with some Arcam Alpha amps. I prefer airy, d ... Read More »

Magnepan MC vs Triangle Quartet vs Focal Chorus

Confusion, that's what is happening when you end up listening for too long to too many different systems and combinations ... SO I have to revert to people like you who may have these babies in their homes and have ... extensive listening experience with those speakers. Classical music is my m ... Read More »

Dynaudio Audience 62 vs. Triangle Altea vs. Focal 816V vs Monitor Audio RS8

Since I don't have a chance to listen to these 4 speakers with the same amp or in the same room, it would be great if somebody could compare them. I mostly listen to acoustic jazz, soul and funk! Thanks!Read More »

Triangle Stratos Luna

I have brand new Triangle Lunas for sale...Any one interested? Also, for sale are Esprit series Stella, Titus, Comete, and subs. I have less than 10 pairs left of the ones that I have mentioned. email me at [email]triangleusa@hotmail.com[/email] or give me a call at 661 600 2919 thanks, ... Read More »

Speaker Cable recommedation for Triangle titus Es

Any recommenations for bi-wire speaker cable for Triangle Titus Es speaker with Audio Analogue amp? Prefer a warm sounding one with good bass extension.Read More »


Triangle Product Categories

Floorstanding Speakers

Altea EX 4
1   Reviews
$ 840.00
Celius 5
2   Reviews
$ 2500.00
Scalene 5
1   Reviews
$ 883.00

Inwall Speakers

Iw16 Speakers - Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 405.00