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Tara Labs IC's

I bought a pair of Tara Labs Axiom RSC cables off Audiogon for $46, it normally sold for $139pr. It's a very well made cable with locking RCA connectors. It has a nice detailed sound. Very good bass, deep and punchy with a smooth airy, slightly warmer midrange and extended highs, more so than my ... Read More »

Anyone compared Tara Labs to another brand?

I recently picked up an entry level pair of Tara Labs speaker cables and plan to do some comparison to my entry Transparent. I was wanting to get some feedback to compare notes to. So if any experience with Tara what was your outcome with them?Read More »

Supra Rondo 4x2.5 v's AudioQuest Type 4 v's Tara Labs Speaker Cables.

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone out there might wish to voice their opinion on the following. I am currently looking to upgrade the cable runs from my receiver to the mains in my system, and looking at a few different options... System looks like this... (well the relevant components anywa ... Read More »

Old Tara Labs any good?

more specifically, Tara Labs Quantum III + speaker cables? Any information on these, sound wise, specification wise? ThanksRead More »

do you know tara labs (i need advice)

does tara labs make better speaker cable or interconnects??? after this question, what else would you recommend? thanks for your posts.Read More »


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