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Replacement for Sound Dynamics 300ti

I am thinking of replacing my old Sound Dynamics 300ti, purchased in 1998. I am considering moving to the realm of ribbon speakers, and have been looking into the Magnepan MMG and the Martin Logan Source. The manufacturer of my Music Hall a 25.2 integrated amp (50W per channel) said he didn't rec ... Read More »

Sound Dynamics 1200 SMT

Well, I am leaving right now to go pick up my mint condition Sound Dynamics. I have bought them for $100, a fantastic deal. The seller is the original owner and an audiophile. Of course, these aren't the "end all" in speakers. However, they are much more than a frathouse speaker. They were cr ... Read More »

Sound dynamics 300ti

To Roxy: had no choice to change the drivers on my 300 ti's. Call API in scarbourogh ont, they had no replacement drivers for me since my speakers were to old. You are right in saying they are not the same, but I did't want to get rid on them. Thanks for yor reply to my review.:smilewinkgrin: :DRead More »

Center suggestions for Sound Dynamics 300ti fronts

Hi folks. I've spent considerable time searching for a suitable center speaker to match my Sound Dynamics 300ti fronts. Currently, I have an Athena AS-C2.1, but it is of noticeably different timbre, particularly with classical violin music. The issue is somewhat less pronounced when using the ro ... Read More »



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