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Best ~$2000 Amplifier - ATI, ParaSound, Emotiva, Outlaw, Theta

My 15 yrs old Kenwood VR-4090 receiver died recently & now I've an opportunity to upgrade my setup. I usually watch movies (80%) & listen to music/tapes (20%) since I've several old tracks. I'm planning to use the Oppo BDP-105 as Pre/Pro in 5.1 setup. I read tonnes & tonnes of reviews & forums and ... Read More »

Adcom Amp 5006 vs.Parasound HCA 1200 II Power Amp

has anybody owned either? im looking at buying one of these used. i'm looking to run my 4 ohm front tower speakers and who knows in the future?Read More »

How Emotiva compare to Adcom, Rotel, Nad, Parasound, B&K, Acurus...

Hi guys, I have never hear any Emotiva amplifier because they don't have too much time in the market ?? I am curious about them and would like to know if they can beat Nad, B&K, Rotel, Adcom and other entry level amplifiers. So, any of you that already know them can give me some idea ?? ... Read More »

Parasound Halo Impressions

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just received my new A21 today and I'm really diggin' it. Its Big (60#), its Bad (400wpc) and Beautiful. It sounds even better. I'm running it with the preamp out's from my adcom. All I can say is Transparency, Soundstage, Bass slam, Resolution, Detail ... Read More »

Parasound A-21 vs. Adcom GFA-5802

Which amp is better? And why? I want to replace my GFA-5500 and i have two alternatives: Parasound A-21 or Adcom GFA-5802. On the one hand I`ve heard a lot claims about Adcom`s quality. I visited repairing shop twice with my Adcom GFA-5500 on the other hand Parasound has THX certificate:confu ... Read More »


Parasound Product Categories


5250 5-Channel Amplifier 0
0   Reviews
$ 2149.00
A21 4.9
10   Reviews
$ 1995.00


JC 2 Two Channel Preamplifier 0
0   Reviews
$ 4000.00
New Classic 2100 0
0   Reviews
$ 650.00

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