NuForce AVP17 vs any other brand

I am interested in replacing my 10 year old av receiver with separates. One of the SSP's that has caught my interest is the NuForce AVP17. Auditioning equipment is pretty much out of the question so I was wondering how this product stacks up against other products from Rotel, NAD, Parasound, Outla ... Read More »

Nuforce amplifiers ???

I'm looking to build my first system. I've settled on Totem Arro speakers. The Totem rep is pushing Nuforce amplifiers. I read one very disturbing article on Nuforce that claims all of the awards are marketing hype just like Bose. Does anyone have any advice on a good amp for the Ar ... Read More »

Anyone Hear Nuforce, APL Hi-Fi, Bruce Moore, Epos??

Hello Everyone, Had a chance to listen to the Nuforce amps so many people posted about but was surprised to find this AV dealer also had an APL Hi-Fi modded Denon 3910 available for audition. These were connected to a Bruce Moore tube preamp and Epos tower speakers. That Bruce Moore preamp has ... Read More »

Pls add NuForce Reference 8 Switching Amplifier

Manufacturer Name: NuForce Manufacturer's Website Address: [url][/url] Category: Amplifiers Product Name & Model: NuForce Reference 8 Monoblock Switching Amplifier Price (MSRP): $800 per unit Link to Image: [url] ... Read More »


NuForce Product Categories

A/V Preamplifier

AVP-17 3
2   Reviews
$ 0.00


Reference 8 0
0   Reviews
$ 800.00
Reference 8b 5
2   Reviews
$ 900.00
Reference 9 5
2   Reviews
$ 1200.00

Integrated Amplifiers

IA-7 V2 4
2   Reviews
$ 1690.00


P-8 4.33
2   Reviews
$ 0.00

PSB Speakers:

MS 1400W: