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Replacing factory fit Mark Levinson system on 2002 Lexus 430 - HELP NEEDED

Hi, I have a 2001 LS 430 from Japan, ie which was made for the international market. Hence, the navigation is in Japanese. The car has aMark Levinson system and speakers and I am based in India where we don't even have a Lexus dealer or service station. The issues I have are below 1. The AM/FM fr ... Read More »

Mark Levinson

Wow! Did not know this about Levinson. Apparently the product that has his name, Levinson amps that are sold through Harmon, really has nothing to do with Levinson other than the name. Also he started Cello Audio and then left it. He now builds amps and other gear in China...Red Rose Audio. But that ... Read More »

Mark Levinson 380S Preamp

I use this preamp which drives a Audio Research D400MKII power amplifier for adjusting the levels of my Magneplanar Tympani bass panels. The volume control has extremely fine volume adjustments of . 1db. and one can obtain an excellent balance. The output impedance is under 6 ohms and ca ... Read More »

Mark Levinson, Lexicon and Revel To Merge With Harman Professional

Mark Levinson, Lexicon and Revel To Merge To With Harman Professional - Over 130 Jobs Lost: [url]http://www.hometheaterreview.com/av-news/2009-home-theater-news/industry-trade-news-1/mark_levinson_lexicon_and_revel_to_merge_to_with_harman_professional_-_over_130_jobs_lost002312.php[/url] More gri ... Read More »

Newbie with a question on Mark Levinson amplifiers

Hello all, first time poster here. I am in the market for a Mark Levinson No. 27 power amplifier. I know I will have to buy second hand. But I just want to ask what is the market price for this unit right now? I look through some local selling sites and have seen them anywhere from $1400-$1800. What ... Read More »


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