Dynaco Tuner

I want to get a matching tuner for my Dynaco SCA-35 amp! What is the best Dynaco matching tuner I can get for it? I prefer to be tube too since the amp is tube! I saw FM-5 but not sure if it will match the amp! Any thought and suggestionsRead More »

Dynaco tube preamp and amps!

being offered a set of 2 monoblock tube amps and a tube pre from dynaco. everything works. just wondering if its worth picking it up, there in okay shape and seem sweet price is good i think mark 3 amps, pas 3 pre amp do any of you have access to any blue books to tell me what they are w ... Read More »

Dynaco A-25 Cloth Removal

One of my old Dynaco A-25 speakers is distorting sound. I assumed I could just remove the front speaker cloth and inspect and repair or replace whatever was broken. However, I cannot see any way to remove the speaker cloth without damaging the cloth or speaker cabinet sides. Anyone know how i ... Read More »

Picked up a couple of Danish today for lunch-Dynaco A25

Stopped off of I-295 today to grab some lunch and as it turns out ran across a Salvation Army. Ducked inside and was rewarded with a nice pair of Dynaco A25's for $20! Got them playing now and love them! Might have to A/B them with the other 2-ways like the Genesis and EPI's. Very clear speakers ... Read More »

what are the specs on dynaco av 2583

i have a 2003 dynaco 2583 5.1 reciver i replaced it with the same on ebay but lost the spec on the reciver if i recall its 50x5 per chanel but not sure all record where lost in the move to hawaii does any one know the specs on this rare reciver thank you.Read More »


Dynaco Product Categories


Mark III 4.8
5   Reviews
$ 180.00
Mark IV 4
1   Reviews
$ 70.00
st-70 3
1   Reviews
$ 695.00
Stereo 35 4.43
6   Reviews
$ 80.00
Stereo 400 II 3.5
3   Reviews
$ 1095.00
Stereo 70 4.58
64   Reviews
$ 180.00

CD Players

CDV-PRO 4.87
15   Reviews
$ 1100.00

DVD Players

DVD 100 3
2   Reviews
$ 197.95

Floorstanding Speakers

A25 4.53
30   Reviews
$ 0.00
Dynaco A-50 5
3   Reviews
$ 0.00


Pas 3 series II 3.75
2   Reviews
$ 650.00
Pas 4 4.75
20   Reviews
$ 1000.00
PAS-3 (Vintage) 4
15   Reviews
$ 0.00
QD-2 4.11
9   Reviews
$ 140.00


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