Dynaco Mark IV Amplifiers

Dynaco Mark IV Amplifiers 


40 Watt Power Amplifier - Sold As A Kit (1964-1969)


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[Nov 09, 1999]
Gregory Braun

I acquired a pair of these magnificent vacuum tube mono blocks recently at auction. Several audiophiles warned me that at 40-50 watts each they would not be powerful enough to drive my Magneplanar MG 1.6/QR loudspeakers-not so, on every type of music, excepting complex symphonic pieces, they perform beautifully.

I originally intended to use them as alternates to my primary solid state amplifier, a Rotel RB-991, but they sound so wonderful that they have become my preferred power amplifiers. These units impart a depth to the sound stage that no solid state amplifier that I have heard can match, adding a warmth and sweetness to the music approaching magic. Their sound is lush and full, with a velvet smoothness that is truly astounding. This is how recorded music should be reproduced.

I can recommend these power amplifiers without reservation. They are available on the used market for a few hundred dollars each. Try a pair, and if you do not like them you can always resell them again. eBay does a brisk business in used Dynaco vacuum tube equipment. In fact you may even turn a small profit. Well-maintained vacuum tube equipment is highly sought after these days. Nevertheless, I will wager that once you have heard them in your system you will, as I plan to do, keep them for many years to come.

Sound: ****
Value: *****

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