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Dunlavy SC-II Signature Series

Hi! I just inherited of a complete Dunlavy SC-II Signature Series 5 speakers system... The sound is unbelievable but I do have problem fitting them in my living room. Anybody interested?Read More »

Dunlavy SC-IV torn drivers need help

Currently own a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV's, but the 5" and 10" drivers forms are torn apart. Can anyone help me with the model and make of these drivers so I can try and replace them. Thx alot. HKHongRead More »

upgrading Dunlavy SC-IV

Has anyone done it? Especially improving base extension?? Huge speakers but disappointing base performance. I just want to do something about this. I'm thinking of replacing the stock 10" Vifa woofers by the Seas 10" aluminum woofers. Thanks for the info. jkRead More »


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SC-V 4.55
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