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Speakers for Audio Analogue Primo

Any suggestions for bookshelf speakers for Audio Analogue primo amp, prefer warm sounding and under $1.5K? Considering Spendors S3 or Triangle or Amphion Helium.Read More »

Audio Analogue Puccini Settanta

anyone familiar with this integrated? I'm looking around to find a dealer that carries audio analogue but still no luck. Anyone can comment on its sound and how it compares to rotel integrateds?Read More »

Anyone ever heard of an Audio Analogue Maestro?

Because there is one on spanish ebay and it seems like too good of a deal. Here's the link. for the moment no one in spain has bid yet, but it strikes me as strange that someone would wanna sell a 150watt amp for this kinda price. also, ebay seems very popular over at [url]www.roadbikereview.com[/u ... Read More »

Audio from PC to Receiver..Digital or Analogue?

hi all, i want to connect my pc to my Yamaha RX-V795a receiver to watch movies that i have downloaded (Xvid or Divx with either mp3 or AC-3 surround sound). i do not want to watch DVD's via my pc. I also want to play my 15000 or so mp3's through the receiver. (i've set up the Video side of things j ... Read More »


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