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Harman Kardon HK-3490 User Review

1 reviews 5 of 5 MSRP: $ 280.00 Description: Phono input Ultrawide bandwidth A/B speaker selection Composite video inputs Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone surround modes Headphone output iPod-ready Tape monitor loop Two triggered subwoofer outputs High Current Capabili ...    Read More »

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How Emotiva compare to Adcom, Rotel, Nad, Parasound, B&K, Acurus...

Hi guys, I have never hear any Emotiva amplifier because they don't have too much time in the market ?? I am curious about them and would like to know if they can beat Nad, B&K, Rotel, Adcom and other entry level amplifiers. So, any of you that already know them can give me some idea ?? ... Read More »

Does somebody know about Acurus?

Hi, How I said in another topic, I have the chance of getting an Acurus A-200 power amplifier in very good price but I don't have information about them. I was reading reviews and they are ok . I would like to know if someone has experience using Acurus and which is the level of these amplifiers. E ... Read More »


Hi Guys! Sorry For The Trouble. I'm Thinking Of Buying The Acurus L-10 And Acurus A-250 (pre And Amp) To Replace My Denon Integrated Amp. I Can Get A Good Deal On Them But I Can't Find Anywhere Neither The Owners Manual Nor Detailed Specifications For Them... I Already Search The Klipsh Website With ... Read More »

Acurus RL11 Pre Amp Remote Control Replacement

Hi all. Anybody out there know where can I get the replacement for my acurus RL11 pre amp remote control? my old one was fried up and I think the IC is damaged.. Its hard without the remote Anyway I'm in Malaysia and I bought the pre amp back when I was a student in States (1997). Help m ... Read More »

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DIA-100 4.22
46   Reviews
$ 995.00