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Thorens 165td VS Sanyo TPB2

Hi So iv'e got these two phono's and i have some questions.. 1.Wich one is better? 2.Im going to buy a needle for one of them ..what kind of needle do i need for each one?both of them contains the original head-shells. tnx very muchRead More »

For Thorens and Technics SL-1200 lovers.

Here is link for those who are looking for different tonearm mounts for reasonable price. [url]http://soundsupports.com/[/url] I've ordered a SME and Jelco Mount for my SL-1200mk2. I will need to wait a couple of months before I can order some arms. It's kinda like buying a helmet before buy ... Read More »

problem with Thorens td-240 turntable

hi everybody. i have a Thorens td-240 turntable with TP21 tonearm and AT95E cartridge. Both are adjusted as indicated in the manual, tracking and the anti-skating at 1.5. I was about 6 months without using it and now I've moved I've tried with my Denon pma-500 amplifier. When i´m playing an vi ... Read More »

Luxman M-1600 or Thorens MMA-5

Hi all, I have a plan to change my listening style, so now I'd love to hear from you some advices to choose one of two amplifiers below, help me please! I have 2 choices to have an amplifier from a second-hand shop. - [B]Luxman M-1600[/B] (Solid State Stereo Power Amplifier), a vintage power but ... Read More »

Thorens 166 MK II VGC

:frown2: Please help: I have opportunity to buy this TT, with Grado cart. I had 125 ([I]few [/I]years ago...)I must admit that I did not see this model before, or this cart. I'll post three pics, hope that could help. I did not go to see it, pics and vague description are all that I got from seller ... Read More »

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TEM 3200 0
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Phono Preamps

TEP-302 0
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Mini 0
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$ 690.00

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