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amp for my TDL studio 3

Hi everybody out there, I just bought a pair of TDL STUDIO 3 speakers for £ 325.00, I know they are very powerfull speakers. I have experieced the TDL RTL 3 and they are proper monster, and the STUDIO 3 seems to be similar or even more :23: , although I don't know much about them. I also like to ru ... Read More »

Tdl Rtl3 Mkii

Can anyone guide me toward having an opinion of these (approx 15 year old) Transmission Line speakers? Thanks a lotRead More »

TDL Near Field Monitors

Trivia question here - wondering if anyone knows how much TDL Near Field Monitors went for (MSRP) when they were new? I can't find anything online about that. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.Read More »


heys! i was wondering, what does everyone think of TDL floor speakers? Are they any good?Read More »

Read More »

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