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fluance, streem speakers

I've been looking at speakers for a starter low-budget home theater/some music system. This speakers I've found online and in Canada (saving s&h). Anyone have any experience with either? From what I've been able to research, there are some good thoughts (and "expert" reviews) on fluance, but just ... Read More »

Streem HT-808 or Fluance SX-HTB? I cant decide. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for a nice set of surround sound speakers at an affordable price. I prefer the mains to be floor standing. These speakers will be for my bedroom. It is a smaller to medium sized room. I will mostly be listening to music on these speakers but will also watch the occasional DVD. I a ... Read More »

streem ht-808. Anyone have thoughts?

I'm extremely interested in these speakers. (streemspeakers.com) However, it seems that I won't be able to afford anything more than $600. I want a full 5.1 package with tower speakers. Should I just avoid these altogether or are they a decent purchase? thanksRead More »

Fluance vs Streem vs ?

I was looking into the Fluance sx-htb and noticed today when i was going to buy them that they are backordered for 6-8 weeks. I don't really want to wait that long if there is something else comparable for apprx the same price ($320 shipped). I've heard good things about streem, another small cana ... Read More »

Streem HT-33 or Fluance SX-HTB

Hi, I'm another newbie on a budget and I've narrowed my choices down to these two speaker packages. I had my mind set on the Fluance package until I saw the Streem package online. I've read all the reviews on the Fluance speakers but only saw a few on the Streem package and I wanted to see if I c ... Read More »