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Conrad Johnson solid state: any thoughts?

Calling Mr Peabody and others with CJ experience. Recently I've notice some older, CJ solid state amps and preamps turning up on eBay et al. for relatively cheap. How good and how reliable is this stuff? I'm look to experience a different sonic character than, in particular, the class D amps I've ... Read More »

tubes to solid state . . .

at least for the weekend. Last night one of the power tubes in my Jolida 202a started glowing brightly. I shut everything down before anything bad could happen. This morning I disconnected everything and pulled the Jolida out of the rack to change the bad tube and check biases on all the power tu ... Read More »

Solid Core 2.0

Hey Everyone. As some of you know I am a proponent of solid core cabling. I have been making my own cables for some time now with great success. My design is ever changing but I think the current one is a winner. John Micheal has sent me some Audioquest F16 Hyprlitz. Fantastic stuff. I for ... Read More »

Need some advice on solid bookshelf speakers

New to the forum but have referenced the site many times for reviews. Definitely some good reviews so I'm looking for some good advice. I am about to receive a new Rotel RA-02 (high current 40w/ch) stereo amp and am looking for a decent pair of bookshelf speakers to pair it with. The setup is for ... Read More »

Do tube amps generally lack bass slam vs solid state?

I have been using an Odyssey Stratos amp for several years mostly with Dynaudio 82s. The low end is incredible as well as everything else. I also have been swapping a pair of Continental Clearfields (early Von Schwiekert) in and out of the mix. The CFs lack low end bass with the Stratos but clearly ... Read More »



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