Scan Speak, Vifa, Peerlass Drivers

I have some old Sony book shelfs that are 17x8x12 that I am thinking of replacing the drivers and crossover in. Now I know about Peerless drivers, Vifa drivers and Scan Speak drivers...but what I did not know before my research is that these drivers are all made and owned by the same company over in ... Read More »

Sony Grand Wega #KDF-E60A20 & Progressive Scan?

My neighbor has a Sony Grand Wega - Model # KDF-E60A20 which is stated as 1080i. Under Video Options>DRC Mode (Digital Reality Creation) - High Density and Progressive are options. Does the term "progressive" in this case mean "progressive scan" thus allowing the TV to do 1080p for videos?Read More »

Progressive Scan

Pardon what may appear to be a "dumb" question here, order to use the progressive scan function of a DVD player, does the TV also have to be capable of that function?Read More »

DVD Player with progressive scan

Hello out there just signed up.I have a a dumb question. what is progresive scan?(on dvd player)and do i want it or not.I do have a HDTV and receiver.Read More »

s-video vs. component (without progressive scan)

I've got a older Pioneer DVD player which does not have progressive scan. I've got it hooked up through component video cables, but I'm wondering if I don't have prog scan then is it doing me any good? The reason I ask is because I have a really nice set of s-video cables that I could use instead ... Read More »


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