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Rogers Compact Monitors

I just picked up a pair of Rogers Compact Monitors. Does anyone have any info on these? I cannot find any information on these speakers. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Read More »

Rogers Studio 3 VS. B&W CM1

hi there i'm using a MF A200 to power a pair of Rogers Studio 3, was thinking of switching to a pair of B&W CM1s because a friend of mine could get good deals from B&W for the CM1. I mostly listen to classic rock, alternative rock, and occasionally jazz & classical. Mostly on CD but more & more back ... Read More »

Rogers DB101s

Hi all, I have Rogers DB101 speakers - I am currently using them connected to a Sony FA3ES amp. My source is my PC (it has a good soundcard and I listen to uncompressed CD quality music). Any ideas how to improve my setup? I am thinking either a DAC or a new amp. I'm thinking the amp is the we ... Read More »

Rogers A-75 mkII specs, help needed!

Hi everyone, I have an old Rogers A-75 mkII integrated amp but I lost its manual. I was wondering if any of you could tell me some technical data about this amp such as power rating, input sensitivity and so on. Thanks in advance to all replies. CarlosRead More »



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