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Hi Resolution Audio article which may be helpful..

for those trying to figure out which DACs to get. [url=http://www.audialonline.com/html/articles/usb2010/index.php]Audial :: USB 2010 (page 1)[/url] As an aside some of the big designers in this field - the head of AMR "DSD is a single bit, 128 times oversampled format with extreme amounts o ... Read More »

Newbie question about high resolution audio

Hi. I was wondering why you have to use analog connections for high-res audio? How come you can't just use a digital cable? It seems to me that it would make more sense to do so. If my processor offers bass managment for 5.1 audio, couldn't I skip the bass managment in the player and hook it up dire ... Read More »



FGH 26: