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michel   an Audiophile [Jun 04, 1998]

I renewed my whole system within the past 12 months, starting with the Eminent Technology LFT-8, followed by Audio Research LS15 and Pass Aleph 5. The final decision was about the CDPlayer and it was the toughest. I did not put any limit on expenses and auditioned all possible and impossible stuff, no matter if integrated or separate. At the end there were Wadia 850 and Resolution CD5 left - after eliminating Krell 20i/L, ML No39 & No 36/37, Theta Basic II/Gen.V, Bow ZZ8, DPA 1024 and Wadia 860!!! Both are unbelievable and I realy don't know which one sounds - in a point of view - better though they are very diferent. Wadia's sound is more kind of coloured, it creates its sound "from the bottom" but it remains very clean and smooth. Resolution adds more space, its sound seems somehow lighter and quicker, more "filigree".
At the end I bought the Resolution CD5. Why?? It was the only one that gives me this certain feeling up and down my spine.... and what else is music than getting feeling and emotion?

Conclusion: Resolution CD5 (along with Wadia 850) is the best buy at the moment, not only its incredible Price/Value but its absolut sound quality!!!

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