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revenge of the n00b: Premier Acoustics PA-6F

First of all, I appreciate all of the help you all have given me. But is there any reason that I shouldn't jump on this deal at the link below? [url]http://www.overstock.com/Electronics...9/product.html[/url] They are $350 for a pair. I know this forum has reviewed this product extensively, bu ... Read More »

Carver Premier Av-705x 5 Channel Thx Power Amplifier

[B]I have a [SIZE="4"]CARVER PREMIER AV-705X 5 CHANNEL THX POWER AMPLIFIER[/SIZE], which is about ten years old. I no longer have the manual. I have read that the amp is rated at 125watts x 5 or 180watts x 2. Does it matter what banana jacks I connect into? They are not labeled/numbered. Also ... Read More »

Three Days Grace, One-X, world premier.

I know that there's not a lot of Three Days Grace fans here, but I'm posting this anyway. Hopefully, someone will at least give me a pity click or two. I'm listening to the preview of their new CD, One-X, on the radio. The show is a combination of album tracks, live acoustic tracks and an inte ... Read More »

My Radio DJ Premier

I received an interesting gift for Christmas from my sister-in-law: to be a guest DJ on Toronto's CKLN 88.1 radio station. I was able to program 80 minutes of music of my choice on Jeff Wiseman's Twilight Spirits from 7:00 to 8:30 Sunday morning. Given that most people who enjoy progressive rock ... Read More »


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Bookshelf Speakers

Floorstanding Speakers

PA-6F 0
0   Reviews
$ 399.00

Inwall Speakers

PA-6.5 Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 649.00
PA-6B Main / Stereo Speaker 0
0   Reviews
$ 854.00
PA-8W 0
0   Reviews
$ 149.00

MP3 Accessories

MP3 Players

(2 GB) MP3 Player 0
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$ 44.00
2204 MP3 Player 0
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$ 74.00
2204 MP3 Player 0
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$ 73.00
SQ2 GBMP4G (2 GB) MP3 Player 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
SQ2GBMP4 (2 GB) MP3 Player 0
0   Reviews
$ 68.00


premier acoustic pa120 4.5
4   Reviews
$ 599.00


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