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Michell Syncro Turntable

Hello:) I have a Michell Syncro with a Rega RB300 tone arm and a Shure V15 cart. This deck sounds really good when it comes to grunge rock and techno!!!! I am having a feeling I might buy another turntable in the future but I don't know which one that will suit me that is just as good or better ... Read More »

Michell Gyrodec Servicing

Hi I bought my Michell Gyrodec record deck in 1999 and so far I have not replaced the old oil in the brass bearing compartment. I did try to unscrew the small flat round plate that sits on the top of the platter just at the base of the spindle by hand but it was just too tight to remove. So has ... Read More »

Michell Small Tenderfeet vs. Vibrapod Cones

I'm looking for something to use under my CD Player. My first option was a set of Audio Solutions Cones & Discs but the cones are backordered indefinitely. The salesman at Music Direct recommended Ceraballs but they're more than double the price of the Audio Solutions combo. That's 4 CD's! I'm ... Read More »


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