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[Jan 31, 1997]
Werner Ogiers
an Audiophile

product: ISO moving coil phonostageprice: around $900
features: gain and input impedance factory-adjustable,
MM version on request, audiophile-spec version
(ISO-HR) costs around $1700.

The ISO is a small MC preamp sitting in a black-acylic
box. The internals are based on standard-quality
components and ICs, using designer Tom Evans's patented
error correction circuit for opamps.

I auditioned the ISO in a system with GyroDec turntable,
RB-300 arm, Denon DL-304 cartridge (a really good one,
at $400 or so), Michell Argo line stage, Alecto Stereo
power amp and the big (and wonderful) Elipson Futura
box speakers as well as Quad ESL electrostatics.

The most obvious aspect of the ISO is its sublime open
sound, enveloping you in sounds you'd never thought
existed on your LPs. Compared to this, many other
phonostages sound lifeless and shut-in. The ISO is
tonally neutral, except perhaps for a slight emphasis,
a sheen, in the mid-treble.

Sound-wise I'd give *****, but taking price into account,
it should be ****. And while we're at it: Michell's
line stages also sound good, but the components are quite
ugly and utilarian. The Alecto-series power amps, though,
are real beauties, and they drive all kinds of speakers
well. In Europe, then can be regarded real competitors
to the likes of Krell.

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