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enter the matrix reloaded

I have visited the matrix series' twice on bulray disc, as it was like watching it for the first time, compared to watching on the DVD, of the whole series, the scene that really moves me was this part (the architect's speech) explaining the matrix to Keanu Reeves (neo) [B] "Helmut Bakaitis" who ... Read More »

B&W 801 matrix mk2, room size and price

Having a pair of 801's has been a dream for me ever since I was a kid. Now that I'm done with my studies and have a steady income I guess it's time to take the plunge! Or not....? Because my current room is rather small... about 4 m by 5 m (12' by 15')... Would it be possible to get at least dec ... Read More »

B&W MAtrix 803 Serie 2

Hello, I am new th this forum and would like an opinion on using a B&W Matrix 803 Series 2 speaker as the main speakers in a home theater. I can get a decent deal on these and undertsand they are excellent for music but what about movies as well?Read More »

Rookie needs help - Matrix 802 Series 3

Hi, I'm not sure where to post this because it's so general so I'm posting here in the general section. I have a friend that has Matrix 802 Series 3 speakers. He is looking for an amp for them to use with his Yamaha RX-777 stereo receiver. He is totally blind and not into computers, so he asked me ... Read More »

dh labs air matrix

hi, im new here! is it ok to get a Dh labs air matrix for my ic? my speakers Vienna acoustics bach, exposure 2010 cdp and integrated JJ Kt-88 for my amp.and a diy transfprmer volume control. my speaker cable are Dh labs Q10. cdp to tvc is Xlo reference 2, tvc to amp is Audioquest ruby hyperlitz whic ... Read More »


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